Our surgical-orthopaedic clinic in Waiblingen

The patient is always the key focus. Dr. Karsten Reichmann, Andreas Schlüter and their entire team are dedicated to restoring people’s health. The extensive training provided to all doctors and employees together with considerable professional experience form the foundations for the healthcare they offer.

Every single employee, including those who work with patients, pays special attention to providing a friendly, understanding and humane service. What’s more, it goes without saying that the clinic employs modern computer and communications technology to provide their medical services.

Clinical care is adapted to suit the individual patient’s needs right from the first consultation, during treatment and continuing onto aftercare. And the practice always commits to providing “target-oriented medicine using modern methods and treatments.”

Before arriving at the clinic

The easiest way to arrange an appointment is either by telephone or in person. We try to keep waiting times are short as possible, however exceptions have to be made in emergency situations.

The clinic is accessible for those with disabilities as a matter of course.

If you’re coming by car, there are parking spaces available in REWE’s underground carpark. From there, you can take the lift straight to the clinic.

The team

A team of 20 nurses and medical technicians apply bandages, prepare injections, help out during surgery and monitor and care for patients both before and after operations. They record patient’s details, organise any administrative tasks in connection with surgical procedures and form the backbone of the internal management department.
However, their top priority is ensuring a friendly and understanding approach when dealing with patients. The result? They enjoy their work, and that’s not something that comes along as a matter of course, rather it speaks for the outstanding atmosphere in the clinic.

Tour of the clinic

Our clinic spreads across approx. 350 square metres and includes five treatment rooms, two waiting rooms, two large operating theatres and a post-anaesthesia care unit. It is also possible to perform ultrasound scans and shockwave and laser therapy with state-of-the-art appliances and equipment.

Tour of the operating theatre

Operation statistics

Dear patients,

Due to various reasons, including legal reasons regarding data, we are unable, nor do we wish to, publish our operation statistics any longer. We are aware that the page offered patients an interesting insight into our range of services and performance capabilities when browsing the site. It also gave us a great opportunity to share our high – and increasing – operation figures.

You can be rest assured that our figures remain high and have actually increased in some areas, such as cruciate ligament surgery (Dr. Reichmann). We were also able to note significant increases in figures for hernia surgery (Mr. Schlüter) and laparoscopic surgery.

We’d like to ask you for your understanding and we’d be happy to keep welcoming you back to our clinic.

Dr. Karsten Reichmann
Andreas Schlüter

Patient story

Two people on the journey to recovery


The names have been changed but the stories are real: it was a chance meeting at the reception desk that brought Hans and Peter together. Their own experiences had sharpened their gaze. “Pain?” “Yeah, you too?” “Yeah.”

Between colleagues and fellow sufferers, there wasn’t much more to be said. “Playing sport?” “Yeah, during training, you?” “During a match.” There was just enough time left to share the last important piece of information: “I got injured playing football” – “For me it was playing handball.”

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Achilles tendon rupture: great diligence required

What does an Achilles tendon rupture have to do with a pregnancy in the ninth week? Chantal (our patient’s name for the purposes of this story) knows the answer, because she’s lived through both. And it also explains why surgeon Dr. Karsten Reichmann learned about her pregnancy even before the gynaecologist – and anybody else.

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