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Two people on the journey to recovery


The names have been changed but the stories are real: it was a chance meeting at the reception desk that brought Hans and Peter together. Their own experiences had sharpened their gaze. “Pain?” “Yeah, you too?” “Yeah.”

Between colleagues and fellow sufferers, there wasn’t much more to be said. “Playing sport?” “Yeah, during training, you?” “During a match.” There was just enough time left to share the last important piece of information: “I got injured playing football” – “For me it was playing handball.”

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Achilles tendon rupture: great diligence required

What does an Achilles tendon rupture have to do with a pregnancy in the ninth week? Chantal (our patient’s name for the purposes of this story) knows the answer, because she’s lived through both. And it also explains why surgeon Dr. Karsten Reichmann learned about her pregnancy even before the gynaecologist – and anybody else.

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